Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Debbie Downer Deputy

well, this may be an interesting post because, ill be honest, im still a bit heated ...
my ride home today was intended to be great. i just got a copy of a recent project i 
worked on and put it in to listen to for the first time since it has been mastered. i planned
on making a phone call or two on the way home and suddenly i look up in shock. 

previously, my boss suggested i take a different road home to beat some traffic and save some 
time, so today was my first attempt. i was cruising along, minding my business, excited about getting home more 'quickly' when i look up to see a freakin cop standing in the middle of my lane. (what an idiot! i am thinking) ... so i slow down and he motions me to pull over. of course im dumb and thinking they are blocking off the road or doing a random license and registration check. however, i was dead wrong. 

he comes up to my passenger window and it went something like this:

officer: it sure would have been a lot less hard to slow down and avoid hitting me if you werent going 22mph over the speed limit. 
me: i am so sorry, sir. i am new to the city and my boss told me to take this shortcut home today, this is the first time i have ever driven this road and it looks like interstate to me, i didnt see a speed limit sign. 
officer: give me your license, where are you from?
me: (fumbling for it and realizing im sure lucky that i had it in the car after switching it to another bag to take on the boat with me yesterday) alabama. 
officer: ha, well im pretty sure they have speed limit signs there!!
me: yes sir, they do. 
officer: i can tell. ill be right back. whats your new address?

i hand him my license and then tell him my address and he leaves me waiting for far too many moments and im trying to figure out what is going on, and thinking about the record he is about to see laid out in front of him. moments later he returns, in his fatal attempts to be nice - or civil or something...

officer: when did you shave all your hair off? 
me: the beginning of the summer

(this is when i wanted to say something very smart and witty to him, and honestly, these are the times when i wish i didnt know Jesus (i hope you understand how i mean that) because i could get away with alot more in that moment, but i held my tongue, whew.)

officer:me too. nice, int'it? 'lot cooler.
officer:well, if you sign the back of this and send it in you can take a driving course online to wipe any extra points off your record.
me: so, you are giving me a ticket?
officer: ha, well yeah! 
me: seriously?! how much is it going to be? 
(jerk, what a total jerk)
me: sir, is there really no way i can talk you out of this? i had a real bad ticket recently and i swear i learned my lesson, i dont ever speed anymore, i just really have never been on this road before and did not know that it was 45mph! (the tears begin to form, out of all the many tickets i have gotten in my lifetime i have never even been able to muster up tears, no matter how hard i tried.)
officer: well, you will know next time. you are getting that ticket, i already filled it out, and you may wanna slow down - we are here clockin' about 3-4 days a week!

(meanwhile im thinking ill never take this route again)

so ... moral of the story is ... you win some, and you loose some. i seem to be on a bad loosing streak. and i made up for lost tears in the 15 minutes following. you would have thought i was on jerry springer. oh, and i also seem to be pretty dang good at acquiring a criminal record without ever even trying. good grief. but hey - it runs in the family. 

Monday, July 14, 2008

my thoughts penned for me.

well, i was already thinking about blogging today. i decided i was going to after i got off the phone with my friend who perfectly articulated part of the stage that i am in right now. i am not sure that i remember well enough what she said - but it was perfect, if i could have put words to my emotions, i would have said what she did.

i was telling her how it is hard because i was supposed to go to a friends for dinner tonight but had to pass up the invite in order to stay at home and do laundry and catch up on emails, start a paper, and do things that i cant do during the day since i am working - but are required for days to go by smoothly. 

she said, "its funny because when you first got there you were just getting in the swing of things so you wanted to be by yourself and have some downtime to get settled. then you wanted to be hanging out with people all the time so you wouldnt be lonely, but somehow even that makes you so busy that you are almost more tired, and because you dont know them very well, you are STILL lonely."  sooooo true. i am not very good at this post college making friends thing - and then when you do find people you like and connect with you dont want to appear like an overexerted freak - and i often do, so i guess im trying to play it cool - but i have never been good at that. oh well. who cares. 

my next subject was on my whole career dilemma, but relevant summed it up for me quite nicely today, so i will just put the link right here:
(biscuet, why cant i ever get blogger to let me paste a link?!)

 luckily, i have a great friend here who called me today to see if i would be up for going to the lake tomorrow after work and i cant think of a better thing to do to wind down the day. so, im headed to pack my swimsuit, then im going to bed, then work, then the lake ... i really do love this place. 

Friday, July 11, 2008

things as of late ...

what is about to follow are issues in my life, recent and future thoughts, as well as plans ... 
in no particular order ... just go with it. 

full time job vs. part time job vs. pursuing music
baby lotion
my brothers birthday
papers for my internship
the dread of needing to purchase new jeans and perfume
moving to bangkok to work with sex trade 
getting ready to go on tour
missing austin
loving nashville
adapting to moms new apartment
david platts message series on the gospel and ... (parents, singleness, marriage, homosexuality, family, divorce, etc.)
finding a pregnancy test in the girl bathroom at work
tough love vs. grace when disciplining 
married life 
amazing shows
gas prices
work ethic
making new friends
Romans relevance to Life
how much Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift sucks
disciple making
a kiss could ruin everything
clare burson
bon iver
did i say new friends?
the job market
the future
emily's cd on repeat
good wine
car washing
fresh laundry
real, quality coffee
deep conversation
calling someone by their name
music career

ill end on that .... surrender.