Thursday, February 28, 2008


So, I was talking to my best friend the other day about the random things in life, and 

we got lost in bouncing thoughts and ideas off one another as usual. She was telling me 

about what the Lord has shown her recently about community. I learned from her in that 

conversation and in the few days that followed I experienced what she was talking about, 

and I was amazed at the experience that I had with new eyes. 

She was telling me about how the Lord has really shown her what her area of ministry is now. 

As a mother, you have a whole new realm of influence. Quickly, overnight almost, your workplace becomes your kitchen, your desk transforms into a rocking chair, emails and phone calls are now replaced with hours of feeding, and your 'co-workers' become neighbors. I listened as she told me how she desires to live in a place where everything that is necessary for daily life is in walking distance: The church, the school, the market, a restaurant, and a coffee shop. 

Suddenly, while listening to her, i found myself aching for this kind of simplicity. How wonderful life would be if we were surrounded by, and investing in the same people, and how would that transform the way i view the gospel and share it ? You must understand that what I'm going for here is not a bubble. I mean, rather, living intentional life among the people that we must encounter: The barista, waitress, check out lady at the grocery, and the school teacher. To be able to build relationships with those people, to have continuity and consistency, and to love them to Jesus, and see them experience His love. 

After this conversation I appreciated even Auburn in a new way, I want to go to the same places, on a regular basis, I want to walk there, and i want to know the people on the streets ... on the walk there and back. 

I just realized how much Jesus walked (no pun intended Kanye), 

with the same, 

the few, 

... among the masses. 

Friday, February 22, 2008

starting anew.

Hello my dear friends.

This is just a blog to let you all know that i am going to start blogging again (heaven forbid), so, if you want to start checking it, here is my address. Hope you are all doing swell.