Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One Thing

The Lord really blessed me in 2010, in many ways, but it is so neat to see how He placed some new people and friendships in my life that have really spurred me on, challenged me, and caused me to live and grow - pushing me to know more of myself, and more importantly, to know the heart and love of Christ. (Bet you can't beat THAT run on sentence!)

One of those people is Gigi. I actually met her early in 2009. We were on the same team of people from Fellowship, preparing to go to Peru in September of that year. I ended up getting really sick on that trip and it was miserable. Sweet Gigi took care of me (she is a Family Nurse Practitioner) ... and that was the beginning of our friendship.

Over the next year we would occasionally meet for lunch or coffee and I found that Gigi's passion for the Lord and love of life were extremely contagious. I was so blessed by her wisdom and counsel, attracted to her humility, and encouraged by her desire to learn. One day after lunch Gigi was taking me to my car and she shared more of her incredible story with me. It clicked - there was a natural connection. It was not deliberate or intentional. And now? Discipleship.

I wish you could know her for yourself.

I have learned that Gigi is warm, kind, committed, and intentional. She is hard working, honest, real, and vulnerable. Selfless, funny, a wonderful model of a wife and mother. Dare I forget that she is incredibly creative and a top notch writer. And let me just tell you - she WILL ask you the hard questions. You understand? I am so grateful the Lord placed her in my life.

Earlier this (new) year Gigi tweeted -
Happy New Year! This is my one wish for 2011. The first page of my new journal. One Thing http://twitpic.com/3lsp6h

... I freaked out over the "One Thing" ...
I obviously love the verse. I adored the nest she drew.
And I am a huge fan of her handwriting!
I told her that that (Ps. 27:4) is what I want out of this year as well, so desperately. I asked her if she would make that for me sometime - I wanted a copy/reminder to keep for myself.

Today, I met Gigi for an impromptu lunch,
and look what she brought me ...

I have it framed and ready to hang on my wall in the place I have already designated in my office. After my walls are repainted, of course. Thanks, Geeg! You should know this is one of the most treasured of any gift I have ever received! Honest! Thank you for sharing your life with me and for pointing me to Christ. Your sacrifice is great and your impact eternal.