Sunday, May 10, 2009

penned again.

i will refuse to give into to pressure for this to be a good blog post.
the way i will do that is by posting a random assortment of things.

1. ray la is playing in the background. ray always takes me back to fall.
Be here now. . .

2. i just devoured the
batter bowl to the magnolia cupcakes hayes is
(see attached pic)

3. i went on a walk before i devoured this batter bowl. i
am so counteractive.

4. all i can seem to think about these days is my 13auburnfriends reunion in a few weekends and for this i am sooo excited.

5. sometimes i feel like i cant live life without something to look forward to.
thats an extremely dramatic statement. dont judge, you know what i mean.

6. my mom is engaged.

7. my dad just had hand surgery and my brother sent
me pictures ... we are gross like that ...

8. my brother is almost done with his freshman year of college. i remember when he could barely talk. what in the world?

9. when i called my grandmother to tell her happy mothers day she said, first thing, "well, i hope i can say that to you sometime in the near future."
no comment.

10. i am dying to go so many
places right now. namely: NYC, the ranch, horse riding, the lake, the beach, Charleston, and Austin.

11. im pretty sure that nashville has seen more rain in the last month than seattle has in a whole year.

12. i have learned this year that it does not matter what you do, as much as it matters who you do it with.

13. i have no sense of style and i hate shopping for myself, but i like shopping for boys. why?! ugh.

14. i want an african child right now. (not really right now, but i do)

15. i miss my childhood neighborhood.

16. i get to play a show this weekend with some amazing musicians in SC and i could not be more excited ...

17. i miss college/road trips.

18. i dvr'd about 4 shows this season that i did not watch one episode of.

19. i want to go rollerblading with my mom, at the beach, right now.

20. i was told today that i have a bob ... i hate the word bob when used in reference to hair.

21. i went to visit my grandmother this week that has a brain tumor. she still offered me sweet tea. that tea never tasted so good.

22. i have recently revisited my high school diet coke addiction ...

23. matt dean convinced me years ago that this (my diet coke addiction) is why i suffer from chronic memory loss (short and long term) awesome.

24. i will be 24 in july. oh geez.