Tuesday, August 05, 2008

finally a college graduate (well, i hope) ...

i mean, i did miss the deadline to order my cap and gown.
i know, big shocker.
it definitely made my mom happy.

so of course, watch as it will beautifully unfold.
i will get there, family in tow, for perhaps the first time ever,
and they will turn me away because they dont have any "extras."

tisk. tisk.
please, Lord, let me FINALLY graduate.
i cannot be a 6th year senior. i may die.

anyways ... i have been interning, as many of you know, with and inner city, non-profit organization here in Nashville called Youth Encouragement Services. I just finished my
massive senior paper/project, so I am including the video that did as a part of that so you
can understand more of my experience. And if you dont care, thats fine, i may never know.

{it wouldnt post. biscuet, help. awe geez. im not as tech savvy as i thought...}