Wednesday, October 08, 2008


this has potential to be the most cheesy post i have ever written, so im a little scared. 
but im going for it. since i have already established my intense love for nashville and the 
fall, specifically ... let me lay out some things that i miss since being here... 

friends. hugs. good hugs. deep conversations. being known. knowing others. 
laughing. gut wrenching laughter. gay street. front porch swing. gospel choir. 
encounter. community. honesty. blunt, freeing honesty. shorts and t shirts. ha. 
familiar faces. singing. i really miss singing. talks in the kitchen. pictures. walking
anywhere i want to go. asking questions. answering questions. did i mention hugs?
maybe i am suffering from failure to thrive ... 

okay, i could go on, but i cant take the cheese so i have to stop. 
im listening to brooke fraser this morning, and every song hits me right where i am. 
i love how the Lord always gets me with music, always. 

sorry this is so scattered. im a little all over the place this morning. 
on another note, its a perfectly dreary and rainy day here in nashville.